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Mega Potency CO-Q-10 300mg (Co Enzyme Q10)


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We know that all enymes play an important role in our bodies. They help to digest food, break down nutrients, unlock energy and facilitate complex cellular reactions. To function, enzymes need the support of co-enzymes. One of the most important co-enzymes is Co-Enzyme-Q10 (CO-Q-10). This substance plays a critical role in the creation of cellular energy, it is critical to the cellualr ATP (energy) production cycle. Natures Aid Co-Q-10 supplements are based in sunflower oil to help aid optimum absorption. Each Natures Aid Mega Potency 300mg Co-Q-10 softgel provides a full 300mg of Co-enzyme Q10, as Ubiquinone.

Additional information


60 Softgels


Take 1 capsule per day with food.


CO-Enzyme Q-10 300mg.

Active Ingredients

Sunflower Oil, Gelatin (bovine), Glycerine, Natural Colours (caramel), Silicon Dioxide.