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Collagen Joint Formula


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Formulated using hydrolysed pure marine collagen (Type II), Natures Aid Collagen Joint Formula combines Collagen with a number of carefully selected nutrients to support cartilage and connective tissue.
Vitamin D3 and Zinc to help maintain normal bones.
Copper and manganese which help in the maintenance of normal connective tissue.
Manganese will also help support the normal formation of connective tissue.
Vitamin C which supports normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage.

Additional information


60 Capsules


Take 1 capsule per day with water.


Collagen (Type II) 500mg Vitamin D3 10?g Vitamin C 50mg Vitamin B2 5mg Zinc 10mg Copper 1000?g Selenium 100?g Manganese 2mg

Active Ingredients

Hydroxylpropylmethylcellulose Di calcium phosphate